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10/5/16 – Segway Central Coast is now part of the Time Out Group family where now you can not only ride a Segway on the Central Coast but in many other locations around Australia plus enjoy heaps of other activities we have on offer as well. Want to know more about Time Out, click here!

What is a Segway®?

Invented in 2001 these machines have changed the way we can travel from A to B. Powered by batteries, controlled by servos and body weight these machines will give you a very unique and comfortable way of travel. To steer the machines, you simply move the lean steer pole in the direction you want to go. You can even spin on the spot. The models we use are off road versions which will provide the grip and clearance to ride on most surfaces. The machines can carry you up and down steep hills and tracks. With only a small amount of training you will find the Segway® PT very easy to control and nimble to manoeuvre.

Kids, teens, adults & oldies
Everyone loves Segway® fun rides. You'll be amazed at how easy and how much fun it is to do things you never imagined doing on a Segway®.
Segway Central Coast operates their rides at Mount Penang Parklands in Kariong on the NSW Central Coast. Bookings are essential. We operate on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
We can also complete rides during weekdays but it is best to give us 48 hours notice. (Minimum age for children is 9)

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Who Can Ride a Segway®?

The Segway® can be ridden by most people. The main restriction comes from weight. For safety, a rider needs to be between 40Kg and 117Kg. When you start you will learn in beginners mode. This helps the rider to become familiar with the machine and stops them over controlling it. After a few minutes of riding you will find it is time to move onto advance mode which gives more speed and more sensitive controls. Our guides will monitor your riding and assist with helpful tips and instructions.